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Made with Fresh Raspberries, Frambozen Hints at Extravagance
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Monday, 18 October 2010 11:03

The Beer Goddess goes Multi-Media!

The Beer Goddess was recently a guest on The Imbiber Show, a podcast featuring outlaw booze writer, Dan Dunn. Beer was imbibed and cheese was paired with craft and Belgium beers. A show to be savored, you're going to want to take notes on why beer and cheese work together better than wine and cheese, what beers pair with what cheeses, and why you should eat a block of cheese before you go out drinking.

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Here are the pairings featured on the show:


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Hood River, OR (October 2010) - Full Sail Brewing Company, renown for their internationally award-winning beers, has announced that they have expanded distribution to additional markets in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire in partnership with L. Knife & Son Companies.
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PORTLAND, OR (Oct 2010) - Widmer Brothers Brewing, based in Portland, Ore., introduces its fall 2010 Brothers' Reserve release, Barrel Aged Brrrbon, personally created and crafted by founders and brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer and their team of expert brewers. This is the third release in the Brothers' Reserve Series.
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ST. PAUL, MN (October 2010) - Summit Brewing Company announces the release of their Imperial Pumpkin Porter, the fifth beer to be released in the limited-time-only Unchained Series. Created by brewer Nate Siats, the beer will be available in draught the week of October 25, and in bottles mid-November.
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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 00:00

Bad Elf

This naughty elf pours a clear amber in color with a decent off-white head.

The nose is full of bready malts, a bit of molasses and a light sweetness. Since this is an IPA the hops are there, but well balanced with the malt and a touch of spices in the background.

It shows depth and texture within the malt presence. The slightly sweet apple and orange notes blend nicely within the bready malts and hop bitterness. The hop character isn't brutish and the light sugars linger whilst a touch of cinnamon shows its hand.

It's slightly different and lighter than most winter warmers, but a good beer to pick up during the holidays, nonetheless.

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The details on the label are cool, and signed (though electronically) by the brewmaster.

The Treblehook pours a dark cherry wood/garnet color with a good sized head. The aroma is sweet and malty with background smells of hops and some light spices. The flavor is reminiscent of little chocolate - like RedHook states - with some impressions of bourbon and deep woody herb. It has a smooth, but aggressive hop presence, larger than you normally find in a Barleywine. Sweet caramel plays with berries and steps near the line of boozy, but doesn't cross it.

If you're ready to go double digit big, this is a greatbarley wine to pick up during the winter. This is a brew I will definitely pick up again.

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From @dogfishbeer on Twitter: "We have an update from Discovery Channel about the TV show ..."
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