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Pyramid Returns to its Roots With New Packaging

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It’s a well known fact that I’m a lover of quality craft beer, but it may be slightly less known that I’m a bit of a sucker for marketing...and wine. Yeah, I said it. I'm a cross drinker.

In my late teens and early 20s, I began to experiment with wine and cooking. Having very little knowledge of wine, my instincts were to pick the bottles that stood out. The labels that showcased their wine in a hip, interesting, artistic or classy way won a spot in my rack (which is MUCH bigger today than it was ~ 17 years ago) and in my belly. Some tasted delicious, some were not as palatable as the label indicated. It’s through this no-so-random buying process that I learned how to appreciate wine.

At the time, the craft beer selection was just a fraction of what the wine world had to offer.  Now, I used to buy Pyramid quite a bit, since it’s one of the first craft beers in the country, having begun in 1984. I honestly didn’t realize until I got the new packaging just how much less I had been purchasing the “new” look they introduced a few years ago. I was apparently one of those Pyramid consumers that didn’t like their new look and consciously or subconsciously, overlooked their brand.  And for that, I apologize.

Earlier this year, Pyramid Breweries announced it would return its flagship Pyramid Hefeweizen beer back to its roots.


As of mid-December, consumers began to see the beer in market with a new look that better reflects the Pyramid heritage and tradition consumers grew to rely on and love in years past.

“The new Pyramid design better reflects the rich tradition and heritage of the Pyramid brand and our Pacific Northwest home,” said Ryan Daley, Pyramid brand manager. “Consumers can expect to see new packaging that brings back the iconic pyramids, featured among mountains and trees, reinforcing our Pacific Northwest roots that date back to 1984.”

I spoke with Daley further about Pyramid’s decision to go back to its roots.

He explained that the overall sentiment made in 2008 was wrong and wasn’t very well received at all. Pyramid talked to consumers and retailers and it became pretty clear that the changes that were made weren't the right one.  The first beers to get the facelift were the Hefeweizen, Apricot Ale and the Thunderhead IPA. They should all be on the shelves now.  The others targeted to hit the shelves in February are the Discord Dark IPA and Spring Variety pack.

Five Pyramid Alehouses in Washington, Oregon and California are also getting updated. The first step was updating the overall look and feel, the signage, the tap handles, etc. Pyramid is also getting the brew masters more involved. They will also be introducing more unique and one-off beers at the alehouses.  Seattle hired a new brew master – his first brew was a solstice Porter.  Daley explained this is a great way to be able to see how it’s received before taking it to the market.

Through seasonal programs, variety packs, new, draft only beers, and a minimum of 10 new beers coming out in 2012, Pyramid is getting back to being playful. Perhaps just as important is they know when to listen to their customers.  

Their heritage has been built on award winning brews and that remains the same. Pyramid is back in a big way and ready to take 2012 by storm.


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