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Wanna Brew? Then Participate in the First Wort Challenge

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The craft beer industry is no stranger to collaboration. The craft brewer embodies not only an entrepreneurial spirit, but a basic human kindness towards his or her fellow brewer, an infatuation with the art of brewing itself and a respect for its consumers. Many of the top craft brewers are taking inspiration to the bottle in the form of collaboration, using ridiculous amounts of decadent ingredients and embracing radical beer styles.

The American Hombrewers Association National Homebrew Competition is the world’s largest international beer competition recognizing outstanding homebrewed beer. They have been sipping and judging the home brews since 1974.  But growing in popularity in the craft beer industry are smaller competitions, continuing to celebrate the craft of local.

Together, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. and The Beer Culture Webshow present The Wort Challenge. The Wort Challenge is a beer competition that celebrates the roots of American craft beer, homebrewing. Offering the sweet infusion of ground malt as a blank canvas, together, CVB and the BCW will unleash the creative spirit of local homebrewers.

Coachella Valley Brewing Company will provide five gallons of golden ale wort (6% ABV, 25 IBU, 1.056 OG) professionally brewed on the coveted High Efficiency Brewing System. There are only 10 systems like this in the world.
On May 10, 2014, between 2-4pm, entrants must bring a sanitized carboy. Hombrewers will add yeast, adjuncts and copious amount of creativity to cultivate a Coachella collaborative concoction that will be the first entries in a hopeful annual event.

Come in and join the fun with specialty priced beers in the tasting room from 12-4pm.

So, what can you design? Age your brew with some oak cubes and vanilla beans. Or go hot and add peppers. Or, try a nutty flavor and add some hazelnuts for a rich, brown ale. Fruit infused beers are popular in the warmer months. Add some blackberries and raspberries with some cocoa nibs for a slightly tart, yet velvety feel. Feeling super adventurous? Add some sugar and ferment it with Belgian yeast.  

Another refreshing option for the sizzling desert summers are saisons. Add some saison yeast, orange zest and coriander and dry hop with some Amarillo or Citra hops.

On June 12, 2014, participants must submit nine bottles of their CVB wort collaboration home brew. Formal judging will commence on June 13, 2014 (and your truly will be one of the lucky judges) with the Grand Tasting for People’s

Choice award on June 14, 2014. Find out the winners on Saturday, with specialty priced beers from 12-4pm.

Four inspired entries have a chance to win.

The ‘Best in Show’ will be determined by the judging panel on June 13th. The winners will receive a trophy and a day with Coachella Valley Brewing’s head brewer, Chris Anderson. They will also be interviewed by Beer Culture Webshow and will receive a special prize from Beer, Beer and More Beer.

‘People’s Choice’ award will be decided by Coachella Valley Brewing’s patrons at the Grand Tasting. ‘Best to Style’ will be determined by the judging panel and the ‘Most Creative’ will also be determined by the panel of beer judges.

The entry fee is $25 (cash or check made payable to the Coachella Valley Brewing Co.). If entrants want to split it for a second entry, submit an additional $10.00. Make sure to use the recipe form found at and specify the details of your recipe.

This is the first time Coachella Valley Brewing is brewing wort with no intention of fermenting it themselves. So, challenge your brewing skills, get objective feedback from knowledgeable judges and taste the fruits of your and your fellow brewer’s labors. Some tips?

  • Know your style and what you want to brew
  • Use extracts & yeasts that are fresh
  • Water matters! Use quality water
  • Cleanliness is next to Goddessness – keep everything clean, at every phase
  • Allow enough time for the beer to condition and carbonate properly
  • Take copious notes on how you brew your beer, it may be a winner!

Homebrewers continue to grow the craft beer industry in small batch art form, united as a growing dynamic force. With a mission to grow, advance, educate and advocate the industry of craft beer, homebrewers remain the brewmasters of tomorrow.

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