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I’m not sure how long the “Beer Snob” and I have known each other online through my Facebook page, but it’s been a while.  I moved to the Coachella Valley in 2012, just as the craft beer scene started to erupt with the launch of Coachella Valley Brewing and La Quinta Brewing.

It was at Eureka Burger that I finally met the “Beer Snob” in person.

Trooper Ramsey, a self-proclaimed beer snob, is one of the more passionate guys I’ve met in the industry.  Then again, that seems to be the one thread holding us all together. His love for craft beer started in 1994, while working two jobs.  Like thousands of other craft beer lovers, it was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that turned his head towards craft.

“That was the moment I figured out there was more to beer,” he told me with a grin.

He jumped in and started beer trading through Beer Advocate, so he could get his hands on more great beer.

Trooper“…like a fricking beer pirate!”

Today, he spends his time talking about craft beer with his friend, Justin Kenny, on “Beer Culture Webshow”.

Going back about 20 years, Trooper used to be a body piercer and you can see the proof in Justin’s ears.

Justin Kenny played in a band and they needed some art work done for some cover art.  As an 18 year old desert dweller, he and his buddies started hanging out at the shop almost nightly.  As the months passed, he and Trooper became friends.  One of the guys in the band even ended up working there in Palm Desert.

“Even then, I was known for always having beer like in the back of the shop. I was always the guy drinking fancy beer…New Castle or Guinness or Sierra Nevada,” Trooper said.GKnight

And yep, back then, tattoo artists apparently called what Trooper was drinking, “fancy” beer. 

Now, when you hear Justin talk about beer, it’s thoughtful and knowledgeable. Listening to him, you would assume he’s been drinking craft beer for more than two years.  But as Trooper says, it’s like two dog years with him.  He trades, reads and tries new and different beers constantly.  He seems to be the perfect complement to Trooper’s high energy and ability to talk endlessly about craft beer. As Trooper said, he wanted to find a compassionate and passionate cohost.

I had the privilege of being their first guest on their show. We tasted three fantastic beers, talking about them, the styles and my humble beginnings. img 7323-southerntie

The show already has a sponsor by Yellow Cab, showing their other commitment of responsible drinking.

So, what’s their goal?

“To stop people from drinking shitty beer,” he quipped quickly.  They then went on say in a more serious tone that they want it to be educational, interconnected and fun.  

We had a blast together.  They're off to a great start. Cheers guys!

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