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iOpener indeed. Want to see some eyes pop? Whip this thing out at a party. Your friends will either think you’re totally witty and up on the latest gadgets or well, a total alcoholic.  But as Dr. Seuss would say, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Luckily, it was the former. It was a hit. “Holy…What – is that a bottle opener?  Is that in your phone?” “That’s awesome!” I found myself drinking a couple more beers than I had planned, just to show off the thing…and that’s never really a bad thing.  Right?


At parties, you don’t have to ask the host/hostess for a bottle opener or rummage through their kitchen to find one.  We all know our cell phone is something we don’t want (or can’t) part with, and now you don’t have to remember to bring a bottle opener while camping, or tailgating, or …you get the idea.

Alternative tip for ladies: throw a bottle opener keychain on your boyfriend’s keys. That way, you’ll always have a bottle opener and he’ll think you did him a solid. Seriously, this is better than flowers.

But, I digress.

West|280™, Incorporated launched this first product, the West|280 iOpener™ http://west280.com/shop/ in December 2010.  It’s specifically designed for the Apple® iPhone 3G or 3Gs.  It’s made from a proprietary PolyCarbonate/ABS alloy that gives the iOpener case the rigid structure it needs to rip off bottle caps without being too brittle to stand up to routine drops.  It worked great.

And yep, there’s an APP for that.  Tap open the free BevConX APP, available in the iTunes APP Store and you can play music from your iPod when a bottle cap is removed, record the date, time and geo-location of every bottle cap removed, zoom in with Map View, set any beverage as your default.  It’s like the party is loaded in your phone – just add beer. Don’t have any friends around to drink with?  Call one! Or, check out UnTappd http://untappd.com and drink socially!  It’s like Facebook for beer drinkers.

BevCon X is loaded with over 1200 beverages (beer, water, juice and soda).  My first beer opened by the futuristic bottle opener was a Widmer Hefeweizen and while it wasn’t in the list, it was simple to add. It didn’t record the second one I opened, but am still playing around with it.  Now, if they could somehow mix this in with the Beer Brands app, and actually have details of the beer in there (best serving glass, foods served with), that would be the bomb diggity app.  It’s still very cool, though.

On top of all that, you can say it’s all made it the U.S.A. Every component of their products and packaging in the U.S. with all U.S. sourced raw materials.

To Search for a beverage:

  1. Go to Settings>Beverages
  2. Search is at the top of the page, enter any brand i.e: "Bass Ale" (as you type the list will grow shorter)
  3. Select Bass Ale
  4. You will be taken to the Edit Beverage page.  Select Set As Default to "ON"
  5. Click Save, click Cancel
  6. Tap the BevConX Home button at bottom left
  7. Bass Ale will have a check mark and scroll to the middle of the beverage picker

To Add a Beverage:

  1. Settings>Beverages
  2. Tap the + button at top of screen
  3. Enter the name
  4. Tap Save

To Delete a beverage:

  1. Settings>Beverages
  2. Tap the trash can (all beverages get a red - symbol)
  3. Touch the red - symbol next to a beverage (delete button appears)
  4. Tap delete and the beverage is removed

To Attach a song to an opening:

  1. Settings>Sounds
  2. Select any song in the iPod Library
  3. Make sure Sounds is set to "ON"
  4. Go to BevConX home and open a beverage, the song will play automatically

For iPhone 4 users, the iOpener 4 is in the works to fit AT&T & Verizon phones.

There are gadgets and then…there are gadgets. This gadget protects your phone, saves that long walk to get a bottle opener, and charts your drinking patterns!  Finally, I have a phone that attaches to my bottle opener.


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