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Zane Lamprey - Drinking Made Easy Show at the House of Blues

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Several things became clear (then ended up a little fuzzy by the end of the night) after attending the Drinking Made Easy Comedy Show in Los Angeles on July 16th.

1.    There is a way to get soused and have minty fresh breath at the same time: Mix Grey Goose and Listerine and voila! You have a Wintermint!
2.    Steve McKenna had out of control, funny facial hair – because of a lost bet that involved excessive alcohol and hair clippers.
3.    Zane chewed on 23 dead scorpions in rum shots in Milwaukee. The reason they stopped, isn't because they couldn't handle the scorpion intake...but because the bar ran out.
4.    El Carmen is a cool tequila bar in Los Angeles, with 40 different infusions.  Zane and his crew are fond of this memorable (or totally forgetful, depending how much time you spend there) place.
5.    I like drinking beers while viewing power point presentations. Why don't corporations adopt this?

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The Drinking Made Easy Comedy Tour is a package deal with Zane’s new HDNet TV Series, Drinking Made Easy. Special guests included “Three Sheets” staples Steve McKenna (who is the source of the phrase “Steve McKenna’d”, which means “fucked up”) and comedian Marc Ryan.  A 300 lb. stuffed monkey - better know as Pleepleus - came out in the beginning to welcome the audience and set a stage for what this comedy show was all about – drinking.  A few rules were laid down, the audience has to drink when we see him, place our thumb on our forehead when Zane burps…and well, I forgot the others.  I followed the rules, ya’ know.

Marc Ryan’s stand-up got the crowd warmed-up and Steve McKenna did what Steve McKenna does best…drink. I actually lost count as to how many beers Steve pounded on stage. At one point, he pounded six beers at once. Drinking connoisseur, Zane, then took the stage again and “educated” the audience, while telling some funny drinking stories from the show.
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Zane: “….this is called Drinking Made Easy.  We are on day 80.  Eight. Zero.  It became difficult on day four….we go out and drink, so you guys don’t have to… can you imagine how many times I’ve gone to the bathroom? …”

Who wouldn't like to get drunk, sing drinking songs, and listen to zany (pun intended) stand-up comedy while learning how and where your alcohol was made?

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