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Kegless - Beer in a Box

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Introducing Kegless - a sustainable beer package. Kegless is a bag-in-box packaging concept for carbonated beverages that provides an alternative to conventional single serve packages. The simple and basic design allows a low cost manufacturing and distribution solution, with reduced environmental impacts throughout its life cycle.  KeglessIt costs less and is a more space-efficient way to transport six-packs. 

Boxed alcoholidc beverages have typically been frowned upon by the discerning drinker.  Cardboard boxed wines don't last as long as thier bottled counterparts and are often given low marks from connoisseurs.

Thomas Hussey, who just graduated from the industrial design program at Australia’s University of Technology Sydney, designed Kegless. The system, contained entirely within cardboard packaging, carbonates beer while keeping oxygen away.
Kegless“I wanted to reduce the environmental effects, but also reduce cost and provide a marketing benefit,” Hussey said. “It’s all very well to come out with a product that has less environmental impact, but people need to want to buy it.”

The collapsible design of Kegless eliminates the need for the complex pressurised carbon dioxide systems that limit the success of other large volume packages. The benefits are bypassing some of the traditional skunky beer excuses, such as the light degradation most bottles allow and the mettalic taste leeching from cans.  

With a two-pronged focus on cost and environmental impact, Hussey's invention eschews pricier bottles, kegs and cans in favor of a revolutionary collapsible container that maintains the CO2 pressure while barring oxygen. And it's turned heads. Hussey is one of 14 finalists in the student category of the 2010 Australian Design Award and the Australian component of the James Dyson Award who will advance to the global competition. KeglessDrinking inside the box, who can argue with a well-balance beer that maintains quality and freshness, but is also easy on the planet?

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