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Register and Win with The Beer Goddess!

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Do you want to win free stuff? When I say “stuff”, I mean, beer festival tickets, various brewery apparel, pint glasses, beer tchotchke’s and various Beer Goddess garb?

Yes! And how you ask?  Simply participate on The Beer Goddess! Points are awarded every time you participate. The more points you gain, the cooler prizes you can earn!

Sign up for a free account – it takes seconds. That will earn you points. You can do it with your Facebook credentials.

Drink beer and review it on the site – that will also earn you points.

Comment on an article posted on the site – suddenly, more points.

Upload pictures, make friends, update your status – you guessed it, MORE POINTS!

Invite a friend to join the site and you get points. Celebrate your birthday – Happy Birthday, here are some points!!

Also - soon, we will be raffling off some prizes for registered users on!!

Thanks everyone!!


The Beer Goddess


[pre]Boring Rules and Stuff I Have to Say: [/pre]

[i] Registered users may accrue Points by engaging in certain activities, and may, in turn redeem Points for certain reward offers ("Prizes") provided by advertisers, breweries, other sponsors ("Sponsor") and The Beer Points accrued in the Service are non-transferable to other users or accounts and have no cash or monetary value.

Users must be aged 21 years or older to be a member of The Beer Goddess and to redeem prizes.

We expressly reserve the right to establish additional means of accruing Points; to remove any or all of the means currently in effect; to exclude certain types of transactions from the accumulation of points; to specify periods after which unused points will be forfeited or reduced in percentage. Points can be accrued only for activity taken and completed by you and can be applied only to your account. [/i]


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