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Detour to El Prado

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We arrived at the First Annual Craft Beer festival in Echo Park, Los Angeles an hour late on May 9th, and the line was down the block – and not moving. The doorman with the big, red goatee pulled us aside after hearing us inquire about the line. We asked if there was a cool local brew pub in the area, where we could possibly wait out the line. Feeling as if he didn’t want a lot of tourists or visitors bombarding his ‘joint’, he quickly looked us up and down before divulging the location. Apparently, we passed the cool factor test and he could tell we were far from tourists. He whispered that El Prado had some great craft beers.

When we arrived, we had to adjust our eyes from the afternoon sun, when we swept back the maroon drapes to enter the dusky bar. We loved it already. The Smiths were playing on the record player (no DJ spinning, but the bartender was changing the records on the record player) as we continued to squint to see what beers and wines were written on the back mirrors.

The seventh one down was Angel City Charlie Parker Pale Ale – the name just oozes “cool”. After all, it is named after the alto saxophone virtuoso. Like the “Bird”, it’s a smooth number… 6.8% that is. Angel City Brewery is one of just eight microbreweries in L.A. County. Brewmaster, Michael Bowe discovered the saxophone and in 2004 issued a jazz album, “Cole Porter De- Constructed” on the Angel City Jazz label.

Sitting at the dark, deep wood bar, we then noticed that they had a small, but nice selection of wines as well. One particular 2006 Syrah caught our attention because I’m childhood friends with one of the winemakers, who resides in Monterey. El Prado offered the Pelerin Syrah for $10 a glass. The bartender agreed that it was worth every penny. Continuing to enjoy our local Los Angeles beer, we noticed the bartender changed the record to a Los Angeles band, X. One beer turned into several. One X song turned into both sides of the record.

We ended up missing the craft beer festival. But we didn’t seem to mind.

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