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Many cities know how to put on a beer festival, but Hollywood knows how to put on a beer production.  Paramount Studios in Hollywood near Stage 25 and 26 was home to this years Septemberfest - America's answer to Octoberfest. 

Septemberfest featured over 60 breweries and nearly 200 beers, bbq and live entertainment. 

Maui Brewing, Skyscraper, Bootlegger's Brewery, Firemans Brew, Samuel Adams, Angel City, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Sea Dog Brewing Co. and Reaper Ale Brewing Company were among the attendees serving beers on the mock Main St. within the Studios that produce such tv shows as Community, NCIS: Los Angeles and Three Rivers.  Sets of San Francisco, New York flats and a library were among the back drops to a beautiful sunny day and cheerful Angelenos drinking beers.

It's always interesting to walk beside a sky, or as Paramount calls it, the Big Sky lot.  My photographer, who had worked at Paramount in 1988, noticed they had the same ~ 45 yard wide "sky" background painting that is used in many shows and movies.  Apparently, many motion picture days are slightly cloudy with some hazy sun.

So much for suspension of disbelief.  But, at the same time - it was really cool.  I mean, how often are you roaming the studios at Paramount with a tiny beer in your hand?    

The band was playing cover tunes such as Tom Petty and drawing a nice crowd. 

Bierbitzch was trying to draw a crowd with their usual clever marketing tactics - hot chicks.  They even started rallying the crowd to their booth by starting a drinking contest.  It fizzled when they realized the festival was ending.  

The question that came to my mind - do hot chicks equal good beer?  I mean, of course not.  I guess it was more, I wonder if people would really like their beer without the girls?  We all know it works for Anheiser Busch and friends.  Remember the "More taste, Less Filling" ad (which was actually Miller) with the two women that come to blows, while ripping off each others clothes in the fountain?   I can't say whether Bierbitzch is quality beer, or not (I have yet to taste it),  but they got the marketing down with the cute tanks and girls, or should I call them beirbitzches? 

Overall, a fantastic event. 

Photos by Sean Planck

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