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Kid Rock - The Rockstar & The Brewmaster

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Kid Rock is trying to help save the economy and the environment, one beer at a time. He debuted his American Badass Beer July 17th and 18th with his back to back concerts held at his native Detroit’s Comerica Park.

Kid Rock is taking aim at Bud by partnering with Drinks Americas to launch the line that will be produced in-state at the Michigan Brewing Company in Webberville, Mich. Drinks Americas Holdings, LTD is the promoter of such celebrity beverages as Trump Super Premium Vodka, Dr. Dre Cognac, Willie Nelson’s Old Whiskey River Bourbon, and Paul Newman’s Own Lightly Sparkling Fruit Juice Drinks and Flavored Waters.

Back in 2007, Michigan Brewing Company (MBC) switched to biodiesel to power the steam generator that produces their beers. Chris O’Brien, in his book Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World, maintains that “Small breweries are perfect examples of community-based, socially and environmentally concerned small businesses.”

Michigan Brewing Company is a perfect example of this.  It provides jobs for some 30 people, and maintains local printing, packaging and trucking business-to-business relationships. The brewery purchases the corn and wheat it uses to make beer. MBC also uses canola seeds from nearby Charlotte, transforming it into biofuel that partly powers their brewing and distilling operations.

MBC also uses some biodeisel to power their employee vehicles and recycles their waste mash by giving it to local farmers to feed their hogs.
Drinks Americas' CEO, J. Patrick Kenny, revealed to the Detroit Free Press that 12- and 22-ounce bottles of the Badass brew will be sold throughout Michigan in August. After Michigan, the brew is expected to debut in Ohio, Texas, Nevada, Tennessee and California, and then nationwide by 2010.

According to a February Drinks Americas press release, the Michigan Brewing Co. planned to invest $7 million in the rock star's new product line and "will add jobs." Thus far, about 400 jobs statewide have been created.

Rock is known to be hands on with everything from the label design to of course, the taste. Kid Rock describes his "American Badass Beer" as an easy to drink lager with no aftertaste. Badass was brewed to appeal to Kid Rock’s fan base.  "I'm American, that's what I like to drink, and from looking around the parking lot before my shows, I know that's what my fans drink," Kid Rock told the Detroit Free Press.

While we westerners have to wait to find out if the taste will be reminiscent of Coors or Bud, I foresee hilarity in the series of competitor-mocking advertisements Rock is working on to promote his new lager. “There’s …one where we [mess] with Corona. We have an old rusty truck with no tires on it and it’s sitting on the Bad Ass beer, and it says, 'The only way you’ll ever see a lemon on it.'"

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