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SiliPint Product Review

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It’s known among my good friends that occasionally, I have the capacity of becoming boneless, beaming and butterfingered when I drink. Imbibing aside, I can also just be a klutz sometimes.

I just upgraded to the iPhone 4S. You know where this is going, don’t you? Yeah, it slipped out of my hand onto the concrete outside, as I was starting my jog. To add insult to injury (or in this case, injury to insult), I cut myself on the damn cracked screen!

Just a couple days later, I broke two of my wine glasses - within 15 minutes. One was broken from apparent harsh washing and the other, well, I have no idea how that one broke. Because I collect different wine glasses (it’s just easier to know which glass is yours during a party), I was more than a little bummed. After tweeting my despair, Silipint suggested I invest in one of their durable pint glasses.

I couldn’t resist.

Silipint is one of the newest & coolest products in the drinkware world. It’s protable and made of 100% food grade silicone approved by the FDA.

These glasses are damn near indestructible. Trust me, I tried. And unlike my stupid iPhone (I’m not bitter), it won't hurt you!  No broken glass, no scalding surfaces, no cracks, chips or dents.

I had a few friends over last weekend, and before telling them about it, I wanted to see their reaction. I quickly picked up the glass and threw it on the floor in front of them. I wish I had their reaction recorded, but they obviously jumped back and yelped in worry for what would be the usual, impending breaking glass. After the Silipint bounced a couple times, they looked at me confused (and slightly irritated that I scared the hell out of them), chuckled and said, “That is so cool!”

I can’t wait to take this camping, to concerts and to the beach! Moreso, I’m looking forward to the possibility of fewer broken glasses.

If only Apple would take some pointers from Silipint. Silicone iPhones, hmmm.

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