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Drake’s Alpha Session IPA returns in late April, 7×70 IPA to join year-round portfolio

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(San Leandro, CA) - We are all stoked to bring back what we think is the perfect, active summer beer as well as our very favorite shift beer, Alpha Session IPA.

It seems this concept is catching on. Back in 2010, when our brewers made Alpha Session for the first time, many locals thought a 3.8% ABV west-coast hoppy beer was a bit of a strange idea. Still, after getting a taste of the fresh, citrusy hops’ the balanced but assertive bitterness, and the smooth clean mouthfeel, it was clear that the Session IPA had legs as a style to go far (and since we’ve noticed a few other breweries following suit).


Now that you are all thoroughly ready to ditch the office chair and head outside for some good times and an Alpha Session… We fear you do still have a little time to wait.

Drake’s Alpha Session IPA will be releasing officially at 12pm on April 26 at Drake’s Barrel House, and it will once again be joined by its partner-in-crime, Omega Session- what we call an “American Dark Mild.” (See English Dark Mild style, and imagine that dry, with a clean yeast character, and more hops) Omega Session, like Alpha, is a 3.8% ABV hop-forward session ale that utilizes darker malts to envelop its resinous hop flavors and aroma with a smooth mouthfeel and a hint of toast and cocoa.

Quick Beer Release Facts:
1. Alpha Session will be available: On Draft, On Cask, In Growlers (2 per person), and in 4-packs of 12 oz bottles (case limit)
2. Omega Session will be available: On Draft, On Cask, and In Growlers (2 per person).

That’s not all you’ll get for swinging by that day. We will be breaking out the washoe boards for a tournament of champions from 1-4pm on the loading dock just like the old days. (Doug demonstrates perfect form here).

7×70 IPA – Our IPA Experiments Become Drake’s New Year-Round IPA

Drake’s IPA. Denogginizer. Hopocalypse. Aroma Coma. Aroma Prieta. It ain’t exactly a secret that we’re kind of known for our hoppy beers. Back in September, we started experimenting with some new IPAs- all a bit leaner, hoppier and more in line with a modern, pale, unapologetically hoppy West Coast Style IPA than our classic, balanced, original IPA. The more clever of you may have made some guesses as to where we were going with that project, but if you hadn’t, we’re happy to tell you that as of April Drake’s is releasing a new year-round IPA called 7×70 IPA (“Seven by Seventy” IPA) starting on draft only and eventually heading to store shelves near you later this year.

7×70 IPA clocks in at 7% ABV and 70 IBUs (hence the name) and starts with a citric burst from the Amarillo, El Dorado, and Citra hops in the boil. A lean malt bill that lets the hops really shine through with only 2-row and a touch of lightly toasted pale malt. The dry hop features a second boost of tropical citrus from Calypso hops, as well as a slap of pine from the Simcoes.

Expect this beer first at the Bistro IPA Festival in Hayward this Saturday, April 5th, where you can meet some Drake’s brewers and try it yourself. Also, that day you will be able to try 7×70 IPA alongside one or more of its proceeding batches of X-IPAs still on tap at Drake’s Barrel House. From there the beer will make its way out to all our thirsty Drake’s fans throughout CA in the following weeks.

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