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West Bend LITHIA Beer Launches Bucky Blonde Light Ale

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Faster than you could say "West Bend Lithia Regner Red Ale" the general beer drinking population was asking the constituents of Lithia Beer when they would come out with a lighter ale. Now, almost a year since the birth of West Bend Lithia Regner Red, Gunter Woog, the CEO of West Bend Lithia Beer Company is introducing its new West Bend Lithia "Bucky Blonde Light Ale."

Woog said this move to a lighter ale was a natural choice for the craft beer brewer, appealing to a large segment of the population which prefers something a bit less heavy, especially on those hot summer days. Woog stated that another popular alternative, thirst quenching, summer refresher is Regner Red on the rocks, with a slice of lemon, that has officially been dubbed "West Bend Iced Tea!"

Woog says, 'lighter' Bucky Blonde in no way implies less taste. "We have gone to great lengths to create an exceptionally rich, smooth, complex, flavorful and downright sassy brew, that will pleasantly surprise beer aficionados." Bucky Blonde has exceptional body and great character, featuring five eclectic quality hops and nine slow roasted specialty malts. It's no ordinary light beer. Like Lithia Regner Red, it is based on the finest mineral containing water and contains no corn or rice fillers, it's 100% natural barley pop. It's arguably, the most complex richest light beer ever brewed. Lithia Bucky Blonde Ale is pure liquid gold in color, having an earthy fragrance with notes of fruit and toasted bread. It is soft, creamy, light and refreshing, with subtle flavors of citrus and fresh mowed grass, followed by hints of melted marshmallow. A very approachable beer.

The demand for a lighter beer drove the creation of our new Bucky Blonde Ale," says Woog. It is scheduled  to appear at many local Washington County festivals this summer, including the Rotary Seafood Fest and the Washington County Fair alongside its Regner Red brethren, hoping to draw a bigger share of the beer beverage market. Additionally, Woog has been inundated by requests from local taverns and restaurants to debut the new Lithia light local ale.

Bucky Blonde will make its first appearance in kegs in early June. Woog hopes to have Bucky Blonde in bottles in time later this summer for football season. "We think Wisconsinites will appreciate our nod to Bucky Blondes everywhere with this hometown brew," Woog smiles.

Woog said, "We now have over 100 outlets and distributors statewide for our West Bend Lithia beers and we are growing fast, it is helping to put West Bend on the Tourist map." A portion of all Lithia revenues  are donated to several community charities, including The Museum of Wisconsin Art, Historical Society, Regner Park, the Humane Society  and others.To stay updated on availability of West Bend Lithia Bucky Blonde or Regner Red visit or Lithia Beers facebook page.

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