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Introducting Autumnation - Sixpoint's First Seasonal Can Release

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From the Sixpoint newsletter ...

One of the most special times of the year for craft brewers is the annual hop harvest. As you may know, hops are the celebrated bitter spice in beer, and craft brewers are famous for maximizing their diverse range of bitter flavors and aromas.

Our first-ever seasonal can release arrives today, and it is brewed as a true celebration of this special moment in time. We made a trip out to Yakima Valley to the oldest continually operating hop farms in the country, and met with Patrick Smith, a 3rd generation hop grower. We selected and harvested 800 pounds of fresh "wet hops" and overnight shipped them back to the East Coast to brew the Autumnation.

Our video featuring third-generation hop farmer Patrick Smith of BT Loftus Farms. Video by Aaron Ekroth.

These "wet hops" represent a very special moment in time. Hops produce only a single annual harvest each year, and brewers must ration the entire harvest to last them an entire year until the next hop harvest. This necessitates drying, baling, and/or pelletizing the fresh hops to ensure their storability for an entire year's worth of brewing. Some believe the natural qualities of the hops are lost in this translation.

However, there is a single moment each year when the hops can be used fresh, with all of their vibrant juices intact - when they are known to us as "wet hops." The Autumnation uses 800 pounds of Citra wet hops incorporated directly into the beer - harnessing this magical seasonal moment.

Deliveries of our Autumnation are going out this week. But this is not the end of our seasonal creativity - this is just the beginning. Look for more appropriately seasonal releases from Sixpoint for the the rest of the year.

Stay tuned as we continually generate new flavors, styles, and tastes. We also will be periodically announcing where and when our tastings are happening on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you like hops, and you are not afraid of vibrant bitterness, you will embrace the Autumnation process...

Wet hopped pumpkin beer in a can? The Mad Scientists have struck again.

Thank you for your time and listening to our story.

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