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Sing the Booze

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Zane Lamprey, the host of the cult-sensation “Three Sheets” on Spike TV and the award-winning series “Drinking Made Easy” on HDNet is releasing his LIVE album, Sing The Booze on Friday,
August 5, 2011.

With songs like "Beer, I Love You", "Wine in a Box", and "Baby, You're Beautiful (When I'm Drunk)”, Lampreyʼs debut musical comedy album features 11 original songs about the
joys and perils of drinking.

Lamprey hosted 52 episodes of the wildly popular international travel series, “Three Sheets”, for four years, where he traversed the world imbibing the regional drinks and engaging in the local
drinking customs. Lamprey is currently shooting and producing the HDNet original series “Drinking Made Easy”, which follows Lamprey and co-host Steve McKenna around the US in search of the
best places to drink.

A born comedian who has become an accidental expert on all things alcohol, Lamprey has generated a loyal fan following and managed to create an empire around his brand; including a successful merchandise line, an events company, and an industry leading on-line magazine. The release of Sing The Booze comes on the heels of a 53-city nation-wide stand up comedy tour in the summer of 2010, as well as a 25-city live music & comedy tour, where he debuted his songs from Sing the Booze to live audiences across the country in the fall of 2010. While on the last stop of their tour in San Diego, California, the band recorded this live album. In between songs, Lamprey and McKenna, who have been friends since college, banter and tell stories about their travels.

Popular tracks include “My Buddy Steve”, an upbeat anthem dedicated to that one friend that everyone has that does dumb things when theyʼre drunk, “Wine in a Box” a campy song which explores the positive benefits of wine in cardboard containers, and fan favorite, “Tits McGee”, a whimsical Irish ditty that pays homage to a well endowed bar maiden who is the main attraction at a dive bar in Dublin, Ohio.

Sing the Booze will be available on iTunes and at http://www.zanelamprey.com/sing-the-booze.html.


Zane Lamprey Live: Sing The Booze

A Song About Songs (2:35)*
An All-Skate (0:31)
Beer, I Love You (3:52)*
I Get Paid to Drink (1:28)
Givinʼ Up Drinkinʼ (3:12)*
Hangover Cures (5:16)
Mojito (2:42)*
An Apology to Zach Galifianakis (2:50)
My Buddy Steve (3:35)*
23 Dead Scorpions (2:03)
Foo Foo Drinks (5:42)*
Steve Got Roofied (1:13)
Wine in a Box (3:23)*
My Favorite Place to Drink (0:36)
Tits McGee (2:53)*
My Extensive Liquor Selection (1:37)
Sing the Booze (3:21)*
Our Last Song (1:07)
Baby, Youʼre Beautiful (When Iʼm Drunk) (3:42)*
House Party (3:33)*

*Indicates a song

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