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Ithaca Beer Quadruples Output with New Beer Line

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(January 20, 2011) Ithaca, N.Y. - The Ithaca Beer Company is excited to announce the arrival of its brand new bottling line!

With the new line, Ithaca Beer has the ability to bottle up to 80 bottles/minute, which will quadruple output capabilities and improve the bottled product quality. It will also allow Ithaca Beer to automate the bottling process of the Excelsior! Series, which was manually bottled on a 6-filler line prior.

"As a company, we always strive to improve at what we do. This happens to be one really big improvement for us," says Company Owner, Dan Mitchell.

The bottling line, which took more than 6 months to build, arrived in Ithaca on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, and finally came to rest inside the brewery the following afternoon. Weighing a whopping 15,000 pounds, the line needed four differently sized forklifts - one of which could lift nearly 30,000 pounds - to move it into place.

The line was manufactured in Ceresole d'Alba, Italy, by GAI Company ( founded in 1946. The line has 16 fillers, 16 rinsers, and three crowners.

Upon listing all the features of the new line, Ithaca Beer Brewmaster, Jeff O'Neil smiled and added, "It's pretty sexy."

Ithaca Beer anticipates the new line will be fully running by the end of this week. The line will be on display to the public starting this weekend during regularly scheduled brewery tours.


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