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"Antarctic Nail Ale is the New Most Expensive Beer in the World"

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Latest update: November 4th, 2010.

Last night at the Sea Shepherds auction in Fremantle, the number one bottle (of 30) of Antarctic Nail Ale was sold for $800.
The unique beer which was brewed with ice brought back from the Antarctica from the Sea Shepherds last campaign. The Sea Shepherd will soon leave on their seventh campaign to stop Japanese killing whales in the Antarctic sanctuary. All proceeds from Antarctic Nail Ale go to the Sea Shepherd.

The previous most expensive beer in the world was a $765 bottle of "The end of History" brewed by Brewdog's. In a high alcohol level beer brewing war earlier this year, Scottish brewery "Brewdog's" brewed eleven bottles of 55% Alc beer sold in animal carcasses.

Nail Brewing Australia's brewer John Stallwood says "It is great to sell the most expensive bottle of beer in the world but it is all about a good cause. It is also good that a beer about saving the whales is now most expensive beer in the world rather than high alcohol beer sold in animal carcasses. I think future beers that sell for over $800 won't just be unique but will also be for good causes.

Antarctic Nail Ale over takes Crown Ambassador Reserve ($90) as Australia's most expensive beer. Nail Brewing's own "Clout Stout" a 10.6% alc Russian Imperial Stout brewed to age was Australia's second most expensive beer at $60 a bottle (only 300). Victoria's Holgate Breweries "Beelzebub's Jewels" and Moo Brews Imperial Stout are also above the $30 a bottle mark.

The bottled beers that sell for over $30 are usually limited numbered, high alcohol specialty beers brewed for aging. Microbreweries small batches enable small brews of really unique beers. They take a lot of time, ingredients and money.

Australia has some of the best breweries in the world. Most of our beers are about 4-5% alcohol and of varying styles. Australian microbreweries struggle to supply standard alcohol beers at competitive prices due to excise. Excise is paid on alcohol strength. The cheapest rate that microbreweries/consumers pay for a standard 4.6% full strength beer is over $1/litre of beer. This is for draught beer and bottled beer is a higher rate.

John Stallwood says, "If any publicity message is taken from Antarctic Nail Ale being the most expensive beer in the world, I hope it is that the Sea Shepherd is on its seventh campaign to save whales in the Antarctic because no one is stopping the Japanese killing whale for commercial profits in food." John also hopes that the message of high excise to microbreweries in Australian beer (over$1/full strength litre) is stopping small business growth to a growing market yet struggling industry".

Nail Brewing thanks the Elliot Syndicate for buying the #1 bottle and all the helpers that put Antarctic Nail Ale together. Sea Shepherd has bottle #2 to 10 available if you would like to support the Sea Shepherd.

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