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Hofbräu celebrates 200 Years Of Oktoberfest In Munich

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Munich, Germany (July 2010) - On October 17 in 1810 forty thousand joyous spectators flocked to a field outside of Munich to celebrate the wedding of Ludwig of Bavaria and Therese of Saxony - Hildburghausen.
A horse race was held as part of the celebration. These festivities where repeated every year and became what is known today as the Oktoberfest. The meadow was later named the Theresienwiese in honor the princess and is now no longer outside of Munich but in the middle.

That was the meager beginnings of the first Oktoberfest. Today it is the largest in the world with about 6 million attendees in the 16 days of it running. This year it will start on September 18 and concludes October 4. Besides Munich, the custom has spread around the globe and today there are hundreds of Oktoberfests.

Hofbräu beer and its brewery in Munich are very much connected with the beginnings as well as today. The bridegroom Ludwig was the owner of the Hofbräu Brewery. Today, still owned by the State of Bavaria, Hofbräu as one of Munich's breweries has the largest tent at the Oktoberfest. It holds ten thousand people.

The only beer allowed to be served at the Oktoberfest in Munich by all Munich breweries, as directed by the City of Munich, is a pale lager with an alcohol by volume of around 6%. For the last 13 years Hofbräu has exported that identical Oktoberfest beer served to its customers in the Hofbräu tent at the Oktoberfest in Munich to its customers in the US. It has been the only Munich brewer that made this type of beer available to the US public and continues to do so. Hofbräuhaus of America LLC is the proud importer of Hofbräu Oktoberfest.

"We are honored to be connected with such a historic brewery. Hofbräuhaus of America has the pleasure of providing the American public with this exceptional Oktoberfest beer that is often ranked as the best" said Fred Schumacher, President of Hofbräuhaus of America LLC.
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