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Pint-size Milwaukee Brewing Company releases Beer in Cans

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Milwaukee's smallest packaging Craft Brewer, Milwaukee Brewing Company began canning their fresh craft beer this week.
Canning craft beer is Milwaukee Brewing Company's latest step in sustainable business initiatives.

Like the original American craft beer movement, Micro-canning began in Colorodo and the Northwest. Canned craft beer is recognized as a more responsible and more convenient package for the beer lover. Canning also has an advantage for the craft brewer for shelf life and overall quality. Specific to sustainable issues canning has the following advantages:

- The average aluminum can is made from 44% recycled aluminum can.
- It is the most recycled package in the world.
- It uses a fraction of the energy to produce, to ship, and to recycle than glass.
- Less energy to cool down for the consumer.

"Canning is a step we have been planning for over two years," says owner Jim McCabe. "From Bio-diesel to responsible packaging, we will continue to do everything we can to reduce the environmental footprint as we brew. Our pint-size cans are also an awesome way to get craft beer to places glass is no good. Camping, boating, golf courses, even tailgating are better served by cans."

To emphasize both local brewing and Can convenience, the first case rolling off the new line is headed to the Milwaukee County golf courses. The Park System a very valuable, local partner and an important part of our lives in Milwaukee. The leadership recognizes opportunities to give residents the latest, freshest, local, and responsible product.

Milwaukee Brewing Company began brewing legacy in 1997 as the Milwaukee Ale House. In 2008, Milwaukee Brewing Company commissioned a new brewery to begin filling demand for the beer outside the Ale House. After over a year of startup and growth, the brewery crew is ready to show off the facility.

The brewery will be open for tours on a first-come basis, with reservations for groups. Regular tour hours are Friday, 5 and 6pm, and Saturday at 3, 4, and 5pm. Sundays, and weekdays by appointment. Visitors should call 414-226-2337 for tour appointments.

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