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Gordon Biersch Releases Maibock, A Spring Seasonal

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San Jose, CA (March 2010) - Gordon Biersch Brewing Company is releasing the first brew of the seasonal "Maibock" beer. Literally translated from German, Maibock means "the beer of May," and is one of Gordon Biersch's four seasonal brews.
The beer achieves a richy, malty flavor from dark-roasted caramel malt, and was originally brewed in Einbeck, Germany during the 14th century. It became such a favorite in Bavaria that a brewer from Einbeck was persuaded to move to Bavaria to brew the beer, and it was popularized from there.

Dan Gordon, co-founder, highlighted, "This Maibock beer style was the inspirational beer behind my motivation to pursue becoming a German-trained brewing engineer. It was when I was an exchange student drinking this beer in Northern Germany that I made the decision to study brewing engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Weihenstephan. Without Maibock, there wouldn't have been a Gordon Biersch."

Maibock's hearty flavor beautifully complements robust flavors, such as Gordon Biersch's suggested Beer-Braised Beef Stew. Its rich flavor from the dark-roasted caramel malt complements the moderate level of bitterness (25 IBU) to create a perfectly balanced beer.

Maibock is available February through April in both 6-packs and as a part of the Gordon Biersch Spring Variety 12- and 24-packs. It can be found in retailers in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Virginia.

About Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch co-founded Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in 1988, with the goal of producing the most authentic German-style lagers outside of Germany. Soon to follow was a state-of-the-art brewing and bottling facility in San Jose, California in order to begin bottling and distributing its famed German-style lagers. Today, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company is a brewery and restaurant industry leader with 22 years of experience. The microbrew trend continues to grow, and the company is actively expanding its distribution nationwide. Since 1998, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company has more than doubled its production, increasing its capacity to 3.1 million gallons of beer annually, making Gordon Biersch Brewing Company the largest brewery in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit
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