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Alaskan Releases 2009 Barley Wine. Newest Vintage is Big, Bright and Balanced

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[ Alaska - December 2009 ] This may be its third bottled vintage, but the 2009 release of Alaskan Barley Wine is anything but old news among the crew at Alaskan Brewing Company. Walk through the cellar or past the offices at the brewery in Juneau, Alaska and you're likely to be asked, "Have you tried this year's Barley Wine?"

"Yes, and it's stellar," is Alaskan Quality Assurance Analyst Rachael Juzeler's most common reply. "Alaskan Barley Wine has always been big, malty and incredibly balanced," scoring high marks at the Toronado and Hard Liver Barley Wine Festivals and the World Beer Cup, "but I am crazy about the bright floral aroma and dynamic flavors of this year's vintage," adds Juzeler.

"The hops are really showcased this year," replies Production Assistant Bobby Wilken. "The 2009 vintage features the rich caramel malt characters and killer balance we expect, but it is the inviting aroma and cooling flavors of the Cascade hops that make it surprisingly refreshing and drinkable for such a big winter beer. We're calling it the gentle giant."

Bottled in mid-December and slated for release in the Western states in early January, Alaskan Barley Wine has been produced in limited edition vintages each year since its introduction on draught in 2003. A big beer for big winters, this brew has garnered a steady following in Alaska and was bottled for the first time in 2007. Like many wines, Alaskan Barley Wine can be enjoyed fresh or aged in the bottle to a collector's liking.

Juzeler, who has several of her recipes included in the Brew Crew's recently released cookbook - Cooking with Alaskan Beer- recommends pairing Alaskan Barley Wine with a pumpkin ravioli or apple pie with a slice of cheddar.

"The caramel notes and fruity esters in the Barley Wine compliment the apple sweetness, while the high hopping rate would cut the fat of the cheddar. The lightly floral spice of the hop coupled with the deeper caramel flavors also compliment the earthy, spicy sweetness of pumpkin dishes." Wilken recommends pairing Alaskan Barley Wine with a "big ol' grilled steak."

While the Brew Crew recommends trying this vintage fresh, they are eager to see how the flavors change and develop with age. "So far Alaskan Barley Wine has been a great cellaring beer that gains deeper malt complexity, sherry notes and caramel smoothness over time," explains Wilken. "But it's going to be a challenge to keep this one in the cellar."

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