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'Ho White' Australian Beer Ad Angers Disney

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Slashfood - by Sarah LeTrent (Subscribe to Sarah LeTrent's posts)

An Australian beer advertisement has reportedly ticked off Disney because it features a Snow White lookalike lying in bed blowing smoke rings with seven undressed dwarves.

The ad campaign for Jamieson Brewery's Raspberry Ale was created by the Australian advertising agency The Foundry to promote the beer as "anything but sweet" with a maiden they call "Ho White" and seven dwarves.

The Walt Disney Co., who licenses the usually wholesome character, quickly noticed The Foundry's online and print marketing, the Daily Telegraph reports. The Foundry said it had "a little bit of contact" with Disney over this adults-only version of Snow White.

The official Web site,, can no longer be accessed. The Foundry's Web site reportedly featured pictures of "Ho White" earlier this week but no longer does.

Because of time zone differences, the Foundry and Jamieson Brewery were not available for comment.

Disney did not immediately return our phone calls or e-mails from Slashfood.
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