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Dear Los Angeles: Let Eagle Rock Brew!

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If you love beer or Los Angeles, Please send this email or make this phone call today to support Eagle Rock Brewery in their permit hearing TODAY!!!

Dear Councilman Mitch O'Farrell staff Administrator's office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone for Councilman O'Farrell office- (213) 473-7013.

I am a taxpayer and voter in Los Angeles, and member of the Maltose Falcons, the oldest home beer brewing club in America, with 300 members in Los Angeles.

Please support Eagle Rock Brewery's ability to continue operating, and please urge the Zoning Administrator, Planning Department, and any other department or office to complete their permit and not require them to continue to go through costly and time consuming hearings.

Eagle Rock has been operating without incident for 5 years, and yet this is the third time they have been required to go through a public hearing to be able to continue operating, at a cost of $8,000 per hearing.

For decades, Los Angeles has constantly been correctly accused of being hostile to business, and this is a perfect example. Eagle Rock Brewery was one of the first new craft breweries to open in the City limits since prohibition, which they did intentionally because they love Los Angeles and wanted to build their business here in our community. They have been hugely successful, won countless awards for their beer nationwide, which has boosted the reputation of Los Angeles among the exploding national craft beer renaissance, and their taproom has become a beloved local community gathering place. Their beer is beloved in L.A., they sponsor, and they pour beer at numerous community events all across the city. They have no loud music, no late hours, no hard liquor, and are in an industrial/commercial area with no residential neighbors.

They (and all local craft breweries) create high quality local jobs, create a hand-made, high quality artisan product made in America and in Los Angeles that we can all be proud of, and generate tax revenue to pay for city services, and foster culture and community gathering places that Los Angeles neighborhoods desperately need.

Their success has paved the way for numerous other craft beer breweries to open in Los Angeles, despite the INCREDIBLY difficult and hostile process of opening a brewery, or any business, in the City of Los Angeles. It is well known in the craft beer community that more than a dozen breweries in the last 5 years have opened in L.A. County just outside City of L.A. limits for that very reason.

According to a biennial study by the Beer Institute, a non-profit advocacy group for the beer industry, on the economic impact of beer in the U.S., the beer industry directly or indirectly employs more than 2 million people nationwide and provides nearly $79 billion in wages and benefits. It also pays more than $49 billion in business, person and consumption taxes. According to the study, the beer industry supports more than 241,000 jobs in California, the most in the nation.

An analysis by the Cleveland Plains Dealer newspaper found that in Ohio, one job inside a brewery or importer supports 45 jobs outside.

Do the right thing for your community, the City's economy, and for Eagle Rock Brewery and all the families whose livelihoods depend on jobs there, as well as the thousands of devoted fans of their products, and support Eagle Rock Brewery's right to continue to operate, without repeatedly having to go through unnecessary, expensive bureacratic hoops so that they can have some certainty and go on running their business.

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